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Attempt at Texture

  • 1. SIWA
  • 2. NEJIRI
  • 3. MUJI
  • 4. HIDA
  • 5. FUKURO

Accessories [ é ]

  • 1. Decorations
  • 2. Fingerprints

Attempt at Texture

1. Siwa
Focusing on wrinkles in daily experiences.
Hereupon she is fascinated with potentiality of cloth wrinkles generated by body movements, and then pursues retaining the aesthetic unexpectedly form.

2. Nejiri
An action of twisting also shows us various shapes of wrinkles, and brings us a mysterious sense.
She forms eniqumatique style from the delicate expression of wrinkles, which are variable to any form.

4. Hida
There are no same leathers.
We realize that anew when unfold each piece of leather. She try to exhibit the originality of leathers.

5. Fukuro
By piling up, it causes interesting of physical change from plain states to dimensional shape such a difference between a piece of paper and piled papers.
How shape is occurred when pouches are piled up? The pouch property can be obtained like a lump.

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